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IT Business Expansion Consultancy Services

Assistance in Product development and  overseas operation expansions.

IT Project & Business Consultancy

Assistance in designing the solution, getting partners, and managing the sales process.

Overseas IT Company Consultancy Services

Assistance with breaking into the Sri Lankan market.

IT Solutions Consultancy Services

Assistance in finding the right IT products and solutions for their needs and most suited IT service providers.

Credible IT Business Consultants

CS Data Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is an IT business consultant who is specialized on providing tailor-made consultancy solutions to navigate their business challenges and grow your business.

Consultancy That Empowers You

Here at CS Data Consultants (Pvt) Ltd, we understand that starting and building an IT business is challenging — Which is why we work with IT businesses of all sizes to help them figure out the next step and push them forward. Regardless of the stage that you are in your business, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you grow effectively. Our team of experts will ensure the right advice at the right time so you can reach your business goals.

Our Team

One of the main secrets to our success is the people behind CS Data Consultants. Our team comprises the best IT specialists who have years of expertise working in local and international projects and are dependable, trustworthy, and always up for a challenge. At CS Data Consultants, passion for innovation drives through every department and team, who are all committed to one goal: To provide tailor-made consultancy solutions to help their clients navigate their business challenges.

Why Us?

We are founded on the principle of delivering value for our clients to help them figure out the next step and push them forward.

Innovative Thinking

We think creatively with a fresh approach to all our projects to deliver a one-of-a-kind solution every single time.

Customer Focused

Our customers are our #1 priority. Thus we ensure the best solutions to fit their requirements after understanding their goal.

Experienced Team

Our dedicated consultants in many disciplines can deliver the full strategy on par with your business goals to outperform your expectations